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Archive and release notes for builds released in 2007

Visual Assist Build 1624

requires software maintenance through 2007.12.07. (General release.)

  • Fixed font display when operators are set to bold. (case=10351) 6985

Visual Assist Build 1623

requires software maintenance through 2007.12.04. (Release candidate.)

  • VA Outline moves last function in Unix or Mac format properly. (Case=10092) 6961
  • VA Outline displays class containing #include statement properly. (Case=9254) 6791
  • VA does not affect dialogs from other plug-ins. (Case=9975) 6980 , 7004
  • VA does not interfere when opening a stored procedure inside VS2005. (Case=9609) 6984 , 6863
  • Listbox no longer appears unexpectedly. (Case=10137) 5797
  • VA respects IDE's option to turn off completion listboxes. (Case=4311) 5797
  • Fix for tooltip corruption. (Case=9637) 6983
  • Bold text now displays properly with "Envy Code R" font. (Case=8929) 6898 , 6811 , 6679 , 5505
  • VA now prevents multiple simultaneous Find References commands. (Case=8256) 6563
  • Insert parameter tooltip now includes leading space. (Case=2968) 5688 , 5424
  • Shift-Down works as expected when selecting files in OFIS dialog. (Case=910) 5781 , 4195
  • Fixed regression where Create Implementation added return type for operator. (Case=10070) 6975
  • Fixed crash at startup when auto-notify date is invalid. (Case=10143)

Visual Assist Build 1619

requires software maintenance through 2007.11.20. (General release.)

  • New Preliminary support for Visual Studio 2008 RTM. 67976962
    Note Build 1619 (and above) will not work with Visual Studio 2008 beta releases. Build 1618 is the last VA X build to support Visual Studio 2008 betas.

Visual Assist Build 1618

requires software maintenance through 2007.11.15. (Release candidate.)

  • New Create VA Snippet from selection.
  • .NET references are now parsed even when 'parse all files' is disabled. (case=9805) 6884
  • System icon size no longer causes truncated words in rename dialog. (case=9803)
  • Fixed bad characters in Find Symbol in Solution and Symbol in Solution definitions. (case=9708)
  • Suggestion lists no longer appear after typing a number followed by a decimal point. (case=9667) 6900
  • Fix for bad scope after Alt+G. (case=9664) 6645
  • Fixed crash when closing VS2005. (case=9610)
  • VA Snippets listbox option is independent of the suggestions option. (case=9605) 6876
  • Fixed text in info copied from options dialog. (case=9567)
  • Fixed Find References Results navigation during search. (case=9548)
  • Fixed crash displaying very long strings. (case=9893) 6928
  • Restored 10.3 Change Signature behavior. (case=9930) 6939

Visual Assist Build 1614

requires software maintenance through 2007.10.22. (Beta release.)

  • New Preliminary support for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 (Orcas).
  • New VA Outline, a new tool window that gives you an active high-level view of the contents of the current text editor.
  • New Consolidated listboxes: VA Snippets (formerly called Autotext) and suggestions appear in one listbox.
  • New Improved parsing of C# and VB.Net source. (case=628)
  • New Improved startup performance of managed solutions. (case=6513)
  • New Open Corresponding File now also switches between .designer files and C#/VB/asp files.
  • New Multiple Find References Results windows. (case=1182) 6322 , 5566 , 5299 , 4882 , 4603
  • New Search in Find References results. (case=6510) 6422
  • New Line numbers added to Find References Results. (case=2491) 5299
  • New References appear in bold within the Find References Results window. (case=2706) 5308 , 5299
  • New Added Next, Previous, Find and Refresh command buttons to Find References Results windows. (case=2841)
  • New Text in Find References Results may be copied to the clipboard. (case=3542) 5595 , 5600 , 6322 ,5299
  • New Items may be deleted from Find References Results list. (case=4457) 5913
  • New Added command for Find References only in current file. (case=5180) 6254
  • New Rename References searches in comments and strings. (case=3565) 6365
  • New Reorganized options dialog for clarity. (case=5440)
  • New Added IDE commands for binding keyboard shortcuts to VA commenting commands. (case=462)3285
  • New Default values may be specified for VA Snippet prompts. (case=756) 3957
  • New Auto-import suggestion appears when referencing unimported symbol in C#. (case=6512) 6508
  • Added "Stop" button to rename dialog. (case=8151) 6487
  • Added a button to the VA Snippets editor for inserting reserved strings. (case=7903)
  • Goto menu positioning gives preference to caret position. (case=7901) 6487
  • Default VA Snippet list (Autotext) has been reduced. (case=7898)
  • Added support for setting alternate directory for cache, history, etc. (case=6795) 6310 , 6654
  • Surround With (VA X) is now part of the IDE context menu in VS2003 and VS 2005 to provide easier access to VA Snippets that contain $selected$. (case=6515)
  • Autotext feature has been renamed VA Snippets. (case=6511)
  • Added option for style of inserting closing brace. (case=5988) 6152 , 5493
  • Installer is now signed. (case=5325)
  • Reference context added to Find References results. (case=3493) 5798 , 5595 , 5299
  • Find References and Rename work with Settings collections and Resource files (case=2511)
  • Tooltips in Find References Results are optional. (case=2132) 6371 , 5494 , 5141
  • Escape stops building of the listbox. (case=664) 3730
  • IDE no longer locks up when jumping to function via HCB while compiling. (case=9328)
  • Fixed 'Learn More' links in Tip of the Day under Vista. (case=9175)
  • Enhanced Syntax Coloring is disabled when expected. (case=9028)
  • Suggestion list no longer offers system source file static symbols erroneously. (case=9023)
  • Comment above namespace is not shown in tooltip for class and class member function. (case=8978)
  • Autocompletion works for UNC path in #include statement. (case=8955)
  • Fixed crash upon IDE exit with ProDG Addin installed. (case=8927) 6684
  • Open Corresponding Files works when files are in scattered directories. (case=8429) 6593
  • When "accept with any character not valid" is enabled, it is now possible to type .. in #include list. (case=8234) 6611
  • Open Corresponding File no longer confused by file name with two dots in it. (case=8177)
  • VA works with C# autocomplete. (case=7888)
  • VA finds all references when renaming a class several times. (case=7464) 6541
  • Improved performance of Highlight Current Line in VS2005. (case=7355)
  • Improved formatting of extracted methods in C#. (case=6149) 6146
  • Checkbox for file in Rename dialog reliably checks/unchecks items in that file. (case=6021)
  • Fixed bug where typing sometimes went to the wrong window. (case=5835) 6083
  • Fixed problem with installer under Vista when UAC is enabled. (case=5322) 5967
  • Function name followed by a macro is no longer underlined as a mistyped symbol. (case=4589) 6376 ,635258845851
  • Find references can find #define on the line where it is defined after switching files. (case=4295) 5798
  • Include file completion works even if "Get content from default Intellisense" is enabled. (case=4055) 5670
  • #include file list stays open when typing digit at beginning of filename. (case=3743) 6049
  • Highlight matching braces is not stopped by turning off unrelated options. (case=3079) 5424
  • Fixed bug where VA context menu triggered various menu commands erroneously. (case=2922) 5926 ,5339
  • Suggestions are selected properly when symbol is not being defined. (case=2494) 5286
  • Improved UI for Acronyms option. (case=2339) 5135
  • Function prototypes followed by #define are recognized properly. (case=1070) 4581 , 4480
  • Improved parsing of std::vector. (case=961) 5869 , 4283
  • Alt+M list works properly in VB .NET (case=494)
  • Installer checks for a supported version of Windows. (case=430) 3198
  • Listbox closes automatically if it shrinks to one item. (case=344) 2992
  • Installer does not mistake other applications for IDE. (case=168)

Visual Assist Build 1561

requires software maintenance through 2007.09.13. (General release.)

  • Hovering tooltips display more of long comments. (case=7920) 6490
  • Hovering tooltips display function comments from cpp files properly. (case=7919, 3851)
  • Suggestions work for newly created symbols. (case=8211) 6552
  • Listbox in VB now displays all symbols. (case=4558) 5755
  • Dot filters #include file listboxes, excluding most directories. (case=8544) 6614
  • Dot no longer converted to -> on array item accessed via a pointer. (case=8395) 6586
  • Dot no longer converted to -> when typing three dots in a catch statement. (case=8300) 6571 , 6463
  • Fixed problem where IDE hangs and CPU peaks while typing #include line. (case=8543)
  • IDE no longer flashes in certain situations during shutdown. (case=8419) 6592
  • HCB displays proper icon for <> item. (case=826) 3981
  • Top of first line in editor no longer cut off by Context and Definition menus. (case=8198) 6557
  • Highlight Current Line works properly after undo. (case=7643)
  • Caret moves to beginning of line when opening VA Context menu via Shift+Right-Click on a blank line. (case=3797) 6473 , 5662
  • Local variables colored properly in VB. (case=3496) 5596
  • Alt-O handles filenames with two dots properly. (case=8177) 6547
  • Visibility keyword inserted only once during Extract Method in C# method that returns a value. (case=7891)
  • C# system symbol definitions displayed after Alt-Tab. (case=7771)
  • Document Method lists return type for overloaded casting operators. (case=7208) 6413
  • Second variable declared inside C# using statement is recognized. (case=6757) 6304
  • Colon is prevented character in autotext title. (case=3169)
  • Function parameters suggested when using default Intellisense. (case=631) 4118

Visual Assist Build 1559

requires software maintenance through 2007.07.06. (General release.)

  • Extract Method of assignment to vector now passes vector by reference. (case=7303)
  • Fixed display of brackets for Extract Method when a semicolon follows an instance of a vector. (case=6017) 6341 , 6114
  • Extract Method specifies "Ref" when passing a reference to a new function. (case=6154) 6146
  • Fixed Extract method in C# so that foreach variables do not get passed by reference. (case=6951)
  • Fixed case where Extract Method replaced :: with a dot. (case=6580)
  • Fixed Document Method for overloaded casting operators. (case=7209) 6413
  • Document Method no longer missing EOL when there is no return type. (case=6066)
  • Document Method now available for declarations when the class is in the .cpp file. (case=3861)
  • Default autotext item for Document Method in C# now uses XML format. (case=5314) 5964
  • Fixed case where Move Implementation deleted implementation without adding it to the .cpp file. (case=7050)
  • Fixed behavior where text could not be selected after showing the VA Context Menu. (case=6918) 6340
  • Removed duplicate keyboard shortcuts in the VA Context Menu. (case=6917) 6338
  • Caret moves to position of click before opening VA Context Menu. (case=3797) 5662
  • Caret position retained after backspace with default indent. (case=6263) 6130
  • Fixed case where keyboard navigation with mouse focus on completion listbox deleted code. (case=3763)
  • IDE status bar messages are not overwritten. (case=6499) 6244
  • Parameter tooltip displays :: properly. (case=6391)
  • Definition displays properly when caret is placed on a variable. (case=6018) 6115
  • Fixed behavior of Find References and Rename for some enums in C#. (case=2188) 5296 , 5165
  • Fixed case where Find References refactoring was not available. (case=7333)
  • Highlight Current Line always highlights only one line. (case=7311)
  • Parens are automatically inserted in C# function calls. (case=809) 4140
  • Fixed coloring when View Whitespace is enabled. (case=7062, case=661, case=498) 4900 , 3709 , 6385
  • Tooltips display fully at the bottom of the screen. (case=455) 3250
  • Fixed crash in Vista when DEP is enabled. (case=4604) 6424

Visual Assist Build 1557

requires software maintenance through 2007.05.29. (General release.)

  • New Added option to automatically check for new version. (case=451) 4912 , 3802 1537
  • New Added Refactor commands to IDE context menu. (Visual Studio .NET and higher.) (case=6323)
  • Restored some refactorings on operators. (case=2649) 5344
  • Move Implementation and Create Implementation work on conversion operators. (case=5408) 5990
  • Header files that include each other via \\machine_name are parsed properly. (case=6396) 6173
  • Variables declared extern in namespace are parsed properly. (case=3752) 5839
  • Improved parsing for ATL and WTL templates. (case=928) 6168 4211
  • Alt+G jumps from header to .cpp file for static class member variable. (case=4053) 5730
  • Alt+G from declaration works when more than one IDE is open. (case=6078) 6245 , 6235 , 6212 , 6074
  • Fixed behavior of Goto on thrown class. (case=2683) 5354
  • Find References on C# enum finds all references. (case=6059) 6129
  • Adds semi-colon to automatically inserted closing brace in C++ enum declarations. No longer inserts semi-colon after class declaration in C#. (case=4109) 5756
  • Added option to surround comments with // without extra space. (case=4570) 5846
  • Added Surround with #region to VA context menu for all supported file types. (case=6514)
  • Added keyboard mnemonics for controls in options dialog. (case=5907)
  • Increased delay before reparsing very large files. (case=6562) 5987
  • Improved behavior when Move Implementation fails due to failure to modify read-only files. (Visual Studio .NET and higher.) (case=6565) 6240
  • Fixed case where completion listbox closed while using it. (case=6782) 6206
  • Fixed Create Implementation handling of default parameters that are string literals. (case=6648) 6271
  • List Methods in File no longer sends escape key messages. (case=2902) 5038
  • List Methods in File lists template functions only once. (case=4223) 5783
  • List Methods in File displays properly for template class and functions. (case=2165) 5783 , 5157
  • List Methods in File (Alt+M) no longer causes beeps in VC6. (case=2675) 5333
  • Extra taskbar items no longer appear when using VA View drop-downs. (case=2804) 5380
  • Fixed bug that caused VC6 editor to unexpectedly scroll/jump. (case=6368) 6205
  • Prevented VA from overwriting IDE status bar messages. (Visual Studio.NET and higher.) (case=6499)6244
  • Eliminated crash in VANetObj while typing certain using statements. (case=6520)
  • Improved include lookup time in very large solutions (case=6726)
  • Fix for availability of some VB refactorings. (case=6464)

Visual Assist Build 1555

requires software maintenance through 2007.04.26. (General release.)

  • New Added Edit Autotext command with assignable shortcut. (case=635)
  • New For VC++ 6.0 users, navigation after Find References is available via Ctrl+Page Down and Ctrl+Page Up. (These shortcuts work without text in the Output window.)(case=5753)
  • BraceAutoInsertStyle registry key respected in VC6. (case 6210) 6152
  • Caret remains at indented position when Auto Indent set to Default in VC 6.0. (case=6064)6130
  • Comment selection toolbar button works in VC6. (case=6028) 6133
  • Checkbox on file in Rename dialog affects all items in the file.(case=6021)
  • Refactor popup button appears for the first symbol after opening a file.(case=5682)6081 6034
  • Fixed behavior of solid line style for Highlight Current Line in Visual Studio 2002/2003. (case=5642) 6022
  • Fixed Highlight Current Line for files at startup. (case=5636) 6039
  • Find References Results summary shows number of files. (case=5621) 5299
  • Improved tooltip for Export. (case=5566) 6023
  • Improved performance when using Loki library.(case=5781)6073
  • Fixed opening of files when license count is exceeded. (case 5652)6042
  • Improved performance for large files. (case=5444) 5987
  • Fixed completion list for creating a new generic list variable in C#. (case=5769)6077 6072
  • Fixed coloring of multi-line comments in #define.(case=3384)
  • Member list correct for combined operator[] and operator-> on template class(case=4733)5869
  • Operator[] member list contains appropriate methods.(case=2221)5181
  • Single entry in member list with multiple inheritance(case=1027)4436
  • Fixed underlining of "operator" in cast/conversion function. (case=2869)5405
  • Refactoring correctly handles commas inside comments. (case=2970)5430
  • Create Implementation is offered on class constructor when there is a space or tab before the bracket. (case=3940)5711
  • Auto Recovery available for Visual Studio 2005.(case=583) 6018
  • Shift+Right Arrow works in context and definition fields. (case=276) 6086 4093 3140

Visual Assist Build 1549

requires software maintenance through 2007.03.16. (General release.)

  • New Highlight Current Line in source windows. (case=51) (Visual Studio only.) 5981592150904159
  • New Separated options to enable context menu in source windows and selection margins. (case=1040)59524461
  • New Added a basic toolbar to the Autotext editor. (case=2319) 5429
  • Symbol databases, history, user dictionary and cache are stored in user directories, not in the installation directory. (case=169) 5874584857055658534953184814436841893912
  • New Current line moved near top of window after Goto (Alt+G). (case=458) 57325903
  • New Quick config in options dialog.
  • Hovering tooltips may include comments from source. (case=1084) (For VS2005, requires enabling of Quick Info Tooltips in Advanced|General.) 5930581054665352
  • Faster opening of files that use templates. (case=5298) 601559745934
  • Dot converted to -> for an array of pointers. (case=862) 4110
  • Member lists appear for template class instances. (case=4108) 58425736
  • Dot after reference is converted to -> when reference points to an array item. (case=4795) 59115878
  • Move Implementation inserts comments from its Autotext entry. (case=5317) 60145973
  • Eliminated duplicate entries in the HCB. (case=5334)
  • Eliminated crash when using Document! X plugin. (case=5354)
  • Move Implementation in a cpp file, and class with only one member, inserts outside the class as expected. (case=5411) 5015
  • Move Implementation offered in cpp files even when no matching header exists. (case=5429) 5015
  • Fixed completion lists for override functions in C#. (case=5493) 6009
  • Install process no longer disables the Navigation Bar in VS2005 since it is required for updating of the properties page. (case=5498)
  • Eliminated rare occurrence of a critical error during load of the IDE. (case=5243) 5947
  • LARGE_INTERGER parsed correctly. (case=484) 3377
  • Goto (Alt+G) works properly in extremely long tlh files. (case=1061) 4412
  • Added support for keyword volatile. (case=3220) 5523
  • Find References Results is hidden when a build starts. (VC 6.0 only) (case=3292)
  • Document Method using $MethodArgName$ and $MethodArgType$ no longer expands into too many lines. (case=3488) 5592
  • Improved accepting from listboxes in Visual Basic. (case=3620)
  • Eliminated an error when parsing templates. (case=3647)
  • Fixed coloring of hovering tooltips in Vista. (case=3879)
  • Eliminated instance in which Extract Method produced unbalanced parentheses. (case=4125) 5430
  • Tooltips for multi-line functions are now displayed on multiple lines. (case=4157)
  • Change Signature no longer produces a warning when trimming whitespace. (case=4323)
  • Change Signature can properly rename parameters when renaming a method. (case=4429) 5828
  • Move Implementation no longer breaks moving of inline template functions. (case=4496)
  • Text caret no longer moved to top of file when using Alt+O. (case=4562) 5814
  • Eliminated warning when checking out using Perforce. (case=4590) 5625
  • Listbox sorted properly when List non-inherited first is disabled. (case=5089)
  • Eliminated a crash when accepting a suggestion in Visual Basic. (case=5007) 5755
  • Preprocessor macros with numerous arguments are parsed and known. (case=3105) 547058845929

Visual Assist Build 1544

requires software maintenance through 2007.01.10. (General release.)

  • Fixed problem with Boost library in which some functions were mistakenly unknown. (case=972) 4314
  • Adding a parameter via Change Signature retains default parameter comment in cpp. (case=4158)
  • Alt+G finds cpp for full qualify functions when using namespaces. (case=4204) 5775
  • Alt+G finds cpp when using several namespaces. (case=4205) 5775
  • Comments in Autotext no longer break Create Implementation for templates. (case=4247) 5788
  • Extra slash no longer inserted when accepting a suggested directory name using a slash. (case=4388)
  • Extract Method recognizes symbols that follow a pre-increment. (case=4433) 5815
  • Limited the list of refactoring commands when code is selected. (case=2197) 5703
  • Fixed a case in which Alt+O unexpectedly opened a list of files. (case=4372) 5814
  • Fixed a case in which Alt+O did not switch among cpp, header and inl properly. (case=3876) 5681
  • Fixed option that prevents filtering toolbar from appearing. (case=4448)
  • Find References Results displays correct icon for <= and pre-increment operators. (case=2493) 5766
  • Alt+O find correct header when two with the same name exist in the project. (case=233)
  • Fixed parsing of VB when strings contain backslash. (case=3904)
  • Symbols added via class wizard are known when project prior to opening files of the class. (case=4374) (VC++ 6.0)
  • Move Implementation handles keyword inline properly. (case=4347)
  • Improved differentiation between using directives and declarations. (case=1166)
  • Fixed parameter info for SendMessage(). (case=2506)

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