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Archive and release notes for builds released in 2014

Visual Assist Build 2052

requires software maintenance through 2014.11.05 (General release.)

  • New New refactoring command: Introduce Variable (beta). (case=1492) 4849, 5865, 6156, 6250, 6587, 8024, 8684, 9607, 10652, 11489, 11731, 11752
  • New Added support for begins with (.startsWith) and ends with (endsWith.) tokens in VA search filters. (case=5977) 6109, 10165, 10359, 10662, 11648
  • New Goto Member supports execution on class methods and enum items. (case=85135)
  • New Goto Related lists class constructors. (case=85216) 12035, 12043
  • New Goto Member supports execution in whitespace of class definition and class methods. (case=85238) 12039
  • New Definition displayed in VA Nav Bar improved for auto variables. (case=85908)
  • VS2012+: Fix for flicker in VA Nav Bar (case=85333) 12041
  • VS2012+: VA Step Filter no longer causes custom .natstepfilter rules to be ignored when installing VA via .exe installer. (case=85576) 11991
  • Improved time of reload of very large solutions that have a large number of files modified since last closed. (case=85730)
  • Fixed auto type deduction in method scopes that are dependent upon using namespace statements. (case=85849) 12061
  • Added setting to disable VA Smart Suggestions on Suggestions page of VA Options dialog (case=85062) 12016
  • Fixed Move Implementation when a line comment follows the function "head." (case=30651) 8919, 9131, 10593
  • Fixed coloring of extern struct forward declarations. (case=55770)
  • Fixed problem in which the reparse of a header file broke an instantiated smart pointer used in the source file. (case=62858) 10434, 10469, 11005
  • Fixed parsing of auto variable that is initialized via a template function. (case=78153, case=85112) 11615
  • Fixed Move Implementation for constructors that C++11 style member initialization lists. (case=79737) 11727, 12074
  • Goto no longer targets using statements. (case=80352, case=85587) 11766
  • Fix for parameter suggestion list when parameter contains more than one default parameter value. (case=83095)
  • Improvements for refactorings on code that is dependent upon using namespace statements. (case=84744)
  • Fix for intermittent failure of VA to load VA Nav Bar while navigating VS find results toolwindow. (case=85010)
  • Fixed parsing of line continuation on line comments. (case=85222)
  • C++11 "noexcept" no longer breaks VA Outline. (case=85266)
  • Fixed case in which Add Include targeted an unexpected header file due to presence of a using statement. (case=85360)
  • Fix for auto type deduction failure on const autos. (case=85906)
  • Fix for Create From Usage type inference when method parameters have default values. (case=86091)
  • Fixed refactorings when Q_DECL_FINAL is used. (case=86040)
  • Improved messaging during VA Step Filter feature enable/disable state transitions. (case=85982)
  • Improved handling of cancel during prolonged expand all operations in VA View HCB. (case=85581) 12033
  • VC6-VS2008: Fix for loss of coloring in the Find Symbol In Solution dialog. (regression in 2047) (case=86678)

Visual Assist Build 2048

requires software maintenance through 2014.09.22 (General release.)

  • Fix for generation of GUIDs by VA Snippets (regression in 2047). (case=85185) 12034

Visual Assist Build 2047

requires software maintenance through 2014.09.16 (General release.)

  • New VS14: Preliminary support for Visual Studio 14. (case=84507)
  • New Added Goto Member dialog that is similar to Find Symbol in Solution but is scoped to the current symbol. (case=83165)
  • New Implement Methods dialog supports filtering of listed methods. (case=55667) 10021, 11831, 11868, 12010
  • New Added Extract Method option to extract to a free function instead of a class member. (case=76113) 8255, 11475
  • New Added option to display contextual tooltips when hovering over close braces and structural keywords. (case=72732)
  • New Added new commands to the Open File In Solution dialog list (execute via context menu or keybinding): Copy Filename (ctrl+f), Copy Full Path (ctrl+c) and Open Containing Folder (ctrl+e). (case=82590)
  • New Augmented list of targets offered by the Related Types option in the Goto Related menu when run on typedefs. (case=83924)
  • New Augmented list of targets offered by the Type of Symbol option in the Goto Related menu when run on typedef instances. (case=82118) 11766, 11867
  • New Added solution and project related reserved words to VA Snippets. (case=969) 4313, 5524, 6783, 11492, 11963
  • New VA Snippets support _UPPER and _LOWER modifiers on reserved keywords. (case=66480) 11393, 11492
  • New VS2010+: VA Snippet Editor highlights text search matches. (case=82699)
  • New The SelectionToggleLineComment command can now execute without a selection in which case it will operate on the current line. (case=82361) 11860
  • New VS2012+: More Visual Assist dialogs implement the Visual Studio theme. (case=82154)
  • New Improved Change Signature whitespace handling when adding parameters to declarations and definitions. (case=80847)
  • New Visual Assist Quick Refactor context menu (alt+shift+q) is now available in whitespace for file-level commands. (case=80803)
  • New VS2010+: Added keyboard toggles of the All Templates (a) and Global (g) checkboxes in VA Step Filter. (case=82950)
  • New VS2010+: Augmented the set of default filters in VA Step Filter. (case=84423)
  • New VS2010+: Added option to apply filters to all templates by default in VA Step Filter. (case=83634) 11954
  • Create Implementation is no longer offered on already implemented static class members. (case=80653)
  • Fix for Rename not identifying a symbol in a namespace that is properly located by Find References. (case=83847) 11906
  • Prevent inadvertent close of Rename dialog when trying to cancel the references search. (case=83648) 11953
  • VS2010: Fix for failure of Visual Assist to be active in source files opened from the Unity environment. (case=64588) 10555
  • Added registry setting ("DimmedMenuitemOpacity") to set opacity of dimmed text in VA menus. (case=83772)
  • VS2010+: Fixed formatting of Quick Info tooltips with Doyxgen comments in some circumstances. (case=83043)
  • Disabled inadvertent syntax coloring of edit field in the Find dialog of the Find References Results toolwindow. (case=83072)
  • Fix for off-screen placement of VA Snippet Editor following certain monitor or screen resolution changes. (case=83162) 11932
  • Fix for VA Outline displaying function contents when function is in a #if 0 block. (case=83377) 11928
  • Fixed parsing of solutions produced by Beckhoff Automation tools. (case=84121)
  • VS2010+: Fix for for text search in VA Snippet Editor. (case=83945) 11965
  • VS2010+: Fix for VA Step Filter failing to filter operator(). (case=83929)
  • Visual Assist settings are committed to registry when options dialog is closed instead of only at Visual Studio exit. (case=32509) 9019
  • Fix for clipped text in Find References Results toolwindow. (case=83161)
  • Fix for invalid comment produced by surround code with comment (/) feature in XML files. (case=83096)
  • Properly enforce executing Implement Virtual Methods only from class definitions. (case=84158) 11980
  • VS2010+: In VA Snippet Editor, removed inadvertent item from menu produced to insert reserved strings. (case=84635)
  • Fix for failure of non-default column sorting in Open File in Solution dialog (regression in 2037). (case=84227)
  • Addressed various issues identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=83989, case=84724, case=84725, case=85016)

Visual Assist Build 2043

requires software maintenance through 2014.07.10 (General release.)

  • VS2012+: Fix for failure of native visualizers (natvis) to load after initial debug session when native edit and continue is disabled. (case=83528)
  • VS2010+: VA Step Filter steps over std::string constructor and ATL::CComPtr<interface>::operator interface * by default. (case=83205)
  • VS2010+: Fix failure of checkbox click in filter list of VA Step Filter to register properly in some scenarios. (case=83609)
  • VS2010: VA Step Filter support in VS2010 without Service Pack 1. (case=83522)

Visual Assist Build 2042

requires software maintenance through 2014.06.25 (General release.)

  • New VS2010+: VA Step Filter for native C++ debugger. (case=73188)
  • New VS2012+: Support for C++ NuGet packages. (case=79296) 11685, 11850
  • New Added option to not include commented default parameters in generated code. (case=3495) 5589, 6359, 6685, 9091, 10366, 11758
  • New Search in VS2010+ Snippet Editor refreshes automatically. (case=81992)
  • New VA Options dialog stores and recalls size after dialog is resized. (case=82390)
  • New Additional controls added to Refactoring page of VA Options dialog. (case=82094, case=82095)
  • Enhanced text display in alt+g and alt+o popup menus. (case=82286, case=82484)
  • In VA Outline, "Collapse All" no longer collapses C++ public/private/protected container nodes. (case=82481)
  • Fixed display of filepaths that contain non-ascii characters in OFIS, FSIS, VA Nav Bar, Rename dialog, Rename Files dialog, Change Signature dialog, Find References Results and menus. (case=82464, case=82487, case=82488, case=82512, case=82513)
  • Fix for loss of solution info if a refactoring operation is active when the Windows store certificate login appears during prolonged solution loads. (case=82261)
  • Fix for failure of paren completion in files with unix line endings. (case=82562)
  • Fix for VS2010+ Snippet Editor exceptions. (case=82700, case=82959)
  • VS2010+ Snippet Editor now allows pasting snippets from one language to another. (case=82958)
  • Fix for incorrect height of list in Find References Results window. (case=82546)
  • Fix for flicker in Extract Method and Add Similar Member dialogs (regression in 2036). (case=83008)
  • Fix for inadvertent coloring of text in Create File and Rename File dialogs (regression in 2036). (case=83037) 11889

Visual Assist Build 2036

requires software maintenance through 2014.05.22 (General release.)

  • New Goto Related (alt+shift+g) offers navigation to base and derived classes/methods or to type of variable. (case=80009)
  • New Find References results window supports filtering of results. (case=78686) 8634, 8938, 9772, 9840, 9880, 9934, 10695, 11632, 11753
  • New Refactoring dialogs support VS2012+ themes. (case=81085)
  • New VA Snippet Editor supports search (VS2010+). (case=606) 5429, 6415, 6428, 10118, 10293
  • New Rename Files is suggested after Rename of symbol that resides in file of same name as symbol. (case=78502) 11795
  • New Change Signature updates call sites when default value is removed from parameter declaration. (case=80167)
  • New VA Snippet Editor sports an updated set of type filters (VS2010+). (case=80405)
  • New Added option to display class/struct/enum members in Methods in File list. (case=81768)
  • New Added Surround With Namespace command to VA Outline. (case=81739) 11828
  • Improved performance of Methods in File list in large files. (case=81815)
  • Find References and Rename support properties whose name is the same as the type of the property. (case=80234)
  • Improved Add Include behavior for Qt symbols. (case=80599) 10265
  • Improved whitespace handling in update of call sites during Change Signature. (case=80846)
  • SAL annotations no longer obscure method names in VA Outline. (case=81329) 11815
  • Tip of the Day window is only displayed once a day instead of at every startup. (case=59154) 10271
  • Rename Files supports rename of files that are not part of the open solution. (case=81531, case=81547)
  • Goto and Open File menus support display of filenames with non-ANSI characters. (case=81608, case=81609)
  • Fix for method missing from VA Outline when comment present in certain scenarios. (case=10783) 7072
  • Fix for Change Signature causing incorrect placement of open brace. (case=5758) 11823
  • Fixed editor exception reported in VS2012+ following a certain sequence of keystrokes. (case=81646)
  • Fixed crash on Windows 8 identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=81645)
  • Fix for VA Outline failure to properly handle method that has a trailing comment at end of file. (case=81737)
  • Fixed classification of some references as definitions in the Find References results window. (case=81995, case=82014)
  • Fixed coloring in Find References results window when a result item is prefixed with base or overriden scope. (case=81970)
  • Fix for hang when using certain regular expressions during Find. (case=82015) 11849
  • Fix for coloring of some menus whose height exceeds screen height. (case=82270)
  • VS2012: Fix for failure of VA coloring to be present in editor when VA installed after certain Windows Updates. (case=82174)
  • VC6: Fix for failure of VA to load on Windows 8 when msdev.exe is renamed. (case=81733)

Visual Assist Build 2031

requires software maintenance through 2014.03.31 (Beta release.)

  • New New VA Snippet Editor (VS2010+). (case=78555)
  • New OFIS and FSIS dialogs are rendered in Visual Studio theme colors in VS2012+. (case=66901)
  • New Support for VS2013 Update 2 RC (case=80931).
  • New Support for VS2013 Update 2 RC universal solutions and shared projects. (case=80212)
  • New Added expand all and collapse all commands to context menu of VA Outline. (case=11204) 7128, 8154, 10785
  • New Added ability to copy contents of VA Outline. (case=11169) 7116, 7271
  • New Added expand and copy command to context menu of VA View HCB. (case=80110, case=80179) 8154
  • New Rename, Find References and Change Signature display scope of search in summary text. (case=80455)
  • New Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End operate on lists in FSIS and OFIS dialogs while focus is in filter edits. (case=80606)
  • New Added user-modifiable Create Implementation snippets for use on static class member declarations.  (case=80796)
  • New The Clear button on the Performance page of the VA Options dialog clears typing history used by suggestion lists. (case=80869)
  • New Classes and structs declared in functions are now listed in FSIS dialog. (case=81110)
  • Improved support for deduction of auto variables used with non-member std::begin/std::end. (case=70481) 11017
  • Fixed failure of Rename File to modify projects nested in solution folders. (case=80236)
  • Fix for Create File failure to add file to project when run after Create From Usage that generated a new file. (case=80291) 11773
  • Fix for parsing of auto as used in range-based for loop on a collection that is declared with a typedef. (case=80380) 11766
  • Fix for parsing of multiple struct instances declared at struct definition site. (case=81026)
  • Fix for type deduction of auto variable declared via method call when the method is accessed via a shared_ptr typedef. (case=81172)
  • Fixed Change Signature parsing of array parameters. (case=80169)
  • Fixed Change Signature failure to update references when a new parameter is specified with trailing whitespace before closing paren. (case=80605) 11782
  • Fix for missing quick refactor context menu when a class has defined operator+. (case=80662) 11793
  • Fix for Move Implementation to Source File not being available on some overloaded operators. (case=80663) 11793
  • Improved display of anonymous structs/unions/enums in FSIS dialog and VA Nav Bar. (case=81230, case=81245)
  • Fix for surround code with comment in XML producing invalid XML in some circumstances. (case=80664) 11789
  • Typedefs declared in C++ source files are now listed in FSIS dialog. (case=81111)
  • Fixed symbol coloring in FSIS dialog on Windows 8.1. (case=78263)
  • Fixed intermittent redraw issue in VA View HCB. (case=9277)
  • Fixed UI state issue when checking/unchecking checkboxes in Rename and Change Signature dialogs. (case=80201)
  • Fixed hang identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=80938)
  • Fixed problem typing filter text after clicking into VA View FIS and SIS lists. (case=16640)
  • VS2013: Fix for extension exception message from Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense.CompletionSet. (case=81303)

Visual Assist Build 2029

requires software maintenance through 2014.02.24 (General release.)

  • New Change Signature prompts for value to insert when adding parameter placeholder to call references. (case=58410) 10220
  • Improved word (ctrl+left / ctrl+right) navigation in Change Signature dialog. (case=78943)
  • Updated Options dialog styles. (case=77620)
  • Fixed parsing of C++ rvalue references and improved parsing of decltypes. (case=20625) 9662, 11414, 11729
  • Fixed coloring of variables named "value." (case=37888) 9625, 10186, 10672
  • Implement Interface is now available on classes declared inside of functions. (case=74977) 11415
  • Fixed parsing of C++11 member initializations. (case=79074) 11660
  • Fixed methods in file list missing __resumable and __attribute__ methods. (case=79163, case=79813)
  • Fixed crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=79849)
  • Support for dot to arrow conversion on handles to handles in C++/CLI. (case=80210) 11767
  • Spellcheck supports doxygen comments that begin with "//!<" (case=79651) 11719
  • Fixed incorrect namespace character inserted during Create From Usage. (case=80179) 11765
  • Fixed incorrect characters displayed in Implement Interface dialog. (case=79899)
  • Bolding of parameters in parameter info tooltip corrected for methods that use decltype return or gcc __attribute__. (case=80012)
  • Fixed HDPI scaling issues in options dialog. (case=79510)
  • Fixed Change Signature causing loss of code when updating parameters in call reference sites that have binary and ternary operators (regression in build 2007) (case=79955) 11739
  • Change Signature available on class constructors (regression in build 2007). (case=78972) 11674
  • Prevent automatic Check For Update from inadvertantly occurring (regression in build 2007). (case=79654) 11720
  • Fixed Update With Current Scope setting in HCB (VA View). (regression in build 1421) (case=80008)
  • VS2012+: Fixed improper attempt at autocomplete when navigating out of quick replace popup in xaml files. (case=79124) 11686
  • VS2013: Fixed occasional loss of VA C++ syntax coloring after file first opened. (case=79828)

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