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Support for UE

Support for Unreal Engine

Visual Assist only supports Unreal Engine 4 and later. 

Visual Assist includes features specific to development with Unreal Engine (UE), including support for UE keywords, preprocessor macros, and solution setup.

Enable support for UE in the options dialog of Visual Assist.

Enabling support changes only the UI of Visual Assist. It does not affect the set of known symbols in a solution. As with non-UE solutions, known symbols are determined by #include directives and project include paths.

The first time you open a UE solution, whether or not support in the UI is enabled, Visual Assist parses a multitude of UE4 engine headers. Thereafter, the symbols are available to all solutions that include them. If you cease all development with UE4, rebuild your symbol database to reclaim disk space and discard knowledge of all UE symbols.

When the support for UE is selected, you have the option to enable the functionalities for all your projects by selecting Always, or let Visual Assist detect when you are working on a UE project by selecting Detect automatically.

There are different options to parse and index folders containing internal engine plugins from Unreal Engine:

  • To not parse and index folders with Unreal Engine plugins select the None option, this option improves significantly the parse time.
  • Parse and index folders containing Unreal Engine plugins that are referenced in the project files or are enabled by default with the Referenced option, this option is selected by default and improves parse time.
  • Select All to include in the parse and index process folders containing Unreal Engine internal engine plugins, even plugins your project does not use, this option slows down the parse time.

Parse and index folders containing Unreal Engine generated header or source files by checking the Index generated code option. Otherwise, they will be skipped, improving parse time. By default the option is unchecked.