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  • Address Resolver facilitates the deciphering of text-only addresses and call ...
    Last edited by User on 11/21/2018 9:10 AM
    absolute address format qualification
  • Source Links connect substrings in comment blocks to external applications and ...
    Last edited by User on 11/19/2018 9:43 AM
    remove link to old standalone version that is no longer public
  • Code Inspection LLVM/Clang Equivalent and Documentation Default Level Fixable ...
    Last edited by User on 10/27/2018 4:11 AM
    unique_pointer to unique_ptr, as shown in IDE
  • Underline spelling errors as you write comments and strings, or check ...
    Last edited by User on 10/13/2018 12:39 PM
    explained ignore occurrences
  • Visual Assist provides two efficient methods to find and open files in your ...
    Last edited by User on 9/26/2018 8:08 AM
  • VA Hashtags is a feature of Visual Assist that is a combination of named ...
    Last edited by User on 9/25/2018 5:26 PM
  • Visual Assist can add include directives for headers that resolve unknown ...
    Last edited by User on 9/25/2018 12:50 PM
    updated image of add-include-style
  • Find References in Visual Assist find usages of the current symbol within the ...
    Last edited by User on 9/25/2018 8:52 AM
    updated collapse image for consistency
  • If you install and run a build of Visual Assist you are not qualified to run ...
    Last edited by User on 9/12/2018 6:58 PM
    updated maintenance renewal policy
  • VA Snippets can include reserved strings that expand when a VA Snippet is ...
    Last edited by User on 8/29/2018 11:12 AM
    typo: if -> is

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