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Compatibility with PVCS 7.5

Compatibility with Qt library

Compatibility with Remote Desktop Connection

Compatibility with Remote Desktop Services

Compatibility with ReSharper for C#

Compatibility with SpyShelter

Compatibility with ThreatFire

Compatibility with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)

Compatibility with UnrealScript (UE3)

Compatibility with ViEmu

Compatibility with Visual Micro for Arduino

Compatibility with Visual Studio Code

Compatibility with Visual Studio Community

Compatibility with Visual Studio Express Editions

Compatibility with VSLua

Compatibility with WindowBlinds

Compatibility with Windows 10

Configure mouse back and forward buttons

Configure reparse settings for new symbols

Configure VA Outline to show class names

Current Line (VAX) or VAssistX missing from IDE options


Default shortcuts do not appear in IDE

Designate 3rd-party source via regex

Disable #include completion

Disable automatic resizing of suggestion lists

Disable coloring of the IDE Find Results window

Disable Control Flow Guard (CFG) for Visual Studio

Disable designation of solution files in "\Program Files" as shared system

Disable message box from Find References

Disable or pause default IntelliSense for C/C++

Disable parameter tooltips of Visual Assist

Disable selection after Create Implementation

Disable support for multiple monitors with mixed-mode DPI

Disable writing in IDE status bar

Dismiss suggestion lists when arrowing


Edit VA Snippets with external editor

Eliminate "Specified cast is not valid" error during compilation

Enable Code Inspection in 3rd-party directories

Enable DDE for Visual C++ 6.0

Enable Source Links in text files

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