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Access a singleton instance with a preprocessor macro

Add // comments without a space

Add custom keywords to IDE

Add the override identifier to Implement Interface

Add VAssistX to menubar of Visual C++ 6.0

Add white space to Surround Selection of line fragments

Additional include directories in Visual C++ 6.0 Makefile project

Adjust lookahead when coloring in collapsed code

Adjust Move Implementation for templates

Adjust prefix of member name for Create from Usage (class)

Adjust search directories for Open Corresponding File

Adjust size of selections made by Smart Select

Adjust Smart Suggestions for nullptr and NULL

Adjust suggestions for new shared_ptr and unique_ptr variables

Allow C/C++ files with a non-standard extension

Allow hyphens in VA Hashtags

Allow non-C/C++ files with non-standard extensions

Always display global commands in context menu of VA Hashtags

Anti-virus software slows performance of Visual Assist

Apply color for an unknown theme

Articles with registry settings

Attach an image to a bug report


Black icons appear with Remote Desktop

Bold braces shift text to the right

Brackets are not highlighted in preprocessor macros


Case numbers

Class members of type bool are not recognised

Class not registered error

Comment code with more than two slashes

Comments with /// appear in a different color

Compatibility with a specific version of Visual Studio

Compatibility with Brief emulation

Compatibility with Citrix and other multi-user environments

Compatibility with CVSNT

Compatibility with EditorConfig

Compatibility with IncrediBuild

Compatibility with localized versions of IDEs

Compatibility with Logitech SetPoint

Compatibility with MacLook

Compatibility with old versions of Windows and Visual Studio

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